Challengers specialises in Leadership and Management Development working in partnership with a broad range of clients across all sectors to bring about a measurable performance improvement in individuals, teams and organisations.

How do we do it?  We do this by challenging existing 'mind sets' and critically appraising individual's understanding of the nature of work based issues and problems. We then agree with our client a course of action, through measurable objectives towards resolving those issues or problems in real time and interpreting the outcomes of their respective actions through reflection, critical questioning, conjecturing, probing and speculating — so that individual's contribute to their own performance improvement and knowledge and in so doing improve organisational performance & learning.



Our business is to develop individuals and groups in the field of human resource development through training guidance and consultancy. We hope to make a worthwhile contribution to the availability of this knowledge by having facilities nation wide.
We aim to give our customers quality both in delivery and in content ensuring that all recent developments and innovations are included to ensure we maintain the highest quality, we train our staff to nationally recognised standards and awards.


Our employees for the most part are trainers and consultants work in local communities. Their interests are in training and developing businesses. We aim to make our trainers and consultants feel they are valued members of a learning organisation. We endeavor to give our employees challenging work and equal opportunities regardless race, creed, sex colour, nationality, age, disability or sexual preference. Our objective is to build a relationship with our employees based on mutual respect, confidence competence, openness honesty and integrity.


Our customers are the reason we are in business the way we treat them and serve them plays a vital role in our prosperity. We must aim at all times to give them a superior service, meeting their needs in full. The services, products and literature we provide must be of the highest quality and supported by well qualified and well trained staff. We hope to establish a long standing business relationships with our customers based on quality, integrity, performance and innovation. In a wider context the communities in which we operate are our potential customers and to that end we will strive to ensure that we play an active part in it. We encourage our employees to support worthy causes and help whenever possible with community initiatives.


In order to satisfy the needs of our employees, shareholders and customers we need to grow. As with any group of high caliber employees , growth is needed it provides them with opportunities for personal development and advancement. To achieve growth we constantly seek out new markets and develop new products and services for those markets. Our aim is to achieve UK market leadership in the segment of the market we serve and to achieve market penetration with innovative quality products and services.

Profit is needed to enable the organisation to achieve its' goals and profit has to be generated and used as the main source of funds to finance the growth. Our profit goals are to generate after tax profits are comparable with other top performers in our industry.


Achieving and then maintaining a competitive advantage is as essential to us as to any other business organisation and quality in all that we do is fundamental to achieving it. Quality means customer satisfaction and that intern is the cornerstone of a successful business.

High quality must be designed into all that we do and checked for and achieved at every stage of the development of our products and services. Achieving the highest possible quality standards requires a understanding and commitment from everyone of our employees. It is through their understanding and application that a high quality of service is not only maintained by constantly improved upon. The concept of quality improvement is applied to every section of the organisation, be it marketing, accounting employee development, course design or delivery.


Achieving our goals in every facet of the business is a team effort and blending together the achievement of personal goals with those of our organisation is essential . It is only by providing high quality products and services that our customers needs will be satisfied and our organisation grow. Meeting peoples needs, be they shareholders employees or customers is a basic ingredient in our recipe for success.